Arsenal vs. Lincoln City @ Blind Pig NYC


Today, the managing editor of STRIKER was at the Blind Pig to take in the English FA Cup match between Arsenal and Lincoln City.


The Blind Pig is the home base of the NYC-based Gunners faithful – a red banner is proudly unfurled on 14th Street on Arsenal matchdays.


Fans were understandably in pensive moods, with this being the first match following THAT second leg game against Bayern. As the game got underway, the overall mood was still tense – not a ton of chanting or singing. The desire to get back into a positive vibe was definitely palpable.


Some nice kits were on show, including this 2012-14 home jersey, the last one created by Nike. The W-M detail above the player name was a nice touch by the Swoosh.


The interior of the Blind Pig can be described as cozy – not too big, not too small. As you’d expect, the walls are painted Arsenal red and there are plenty of decorative elements that remind you it’s a den for Gunners fans.


Beer selection is typical of what you’d find in a pub/bar in Manhattan, the food is also what you’d expect. The place is always open for an Arsenal game, no matter how early/late it may take place.


As the goals started to flow after Theo Walcott’s opener, the players became more relaxed and started to express themselves – as did the fans.


Pockets of fans started chanting for Giroud, Walcott and of course, Alexis Sanchez. Many wondered if his heart was still at Arsenal. If his attitude today was anything to go by, he may yet have a future at the club.


Another goal, another time to ring the goal bell. Today this thing got rung 5 separate times.


Signs of relief as Arsenal recover from their midweek disappointment. Yes, it’s against a non-league side, but an emphatic victory is definitely what was needed.






All in all, a great day at the office for Arsenal fans. A frigid day, but the bar was still packed with fans celebrating the win.

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